SPARE Georgia Program

SPARE Georgia Program


Georgia joined SPARE International School Program in 2002 and, since that period about 600 public schools across the country affiliated in the program. Up to 800 school teachers are involved in fostering almost  15000 school students.  Climate change, alternative energy resources, energy efficiency along with others are the center of attention of the SPARE School program.

SPARE Georgia Program in partnership with  Ministries of Environment and Education, various programs supported by other donors,  local NGOs and communities  has celebrated  more than  130 events marked  in the World Environmental Calendar.

SPARE Georgia has conducted 75 trainings for teachers and school students on energy efficiency and advantages of use of alternative energy resources.

SPARE Georgia Program constantly organizes students’ contests dedicated to the various events marked in the environmental calendar.

SPARE Georgia runs informative-educational TV-program  EcoVision on the DGS TV Channel having  full coverage in the country. The weekly TV-program maintains  high rating not only among youngsters but also with other age-segment audience.

SPARE Georgia has developed energy saving soft, desk-puzzle and lotto games to support vision shaping and developing Eco-friendly skills at the early stage of childhood period.

SPARE Georgia works intensively through  Facebook to enlarge young environmentalists’ social network.

SPARE Georgia has developed 6 songs and promo-footages by bespoken text and scenario as a part of branding and visibility component.

SPARE Georgia is on the leading position in youth engagement  through its EcoClubs’ program.