Awarding Ceremony of the Winners of Georgian National Film Contest - “Do More with Less

Awarding Ceremony of the Winners of Georgian National Film Contest - “Do More with Less"

On 27 May 2016 winners' awarding ceremony of the national film contest  “Do More with Less” took place in  Ecovision educational center. Film contest was organized within the SPARE Program. High school students from various regions of Georgia submitted amateur film clips promoting energy saving lifestyle.

Within the SPARE Program students acquiring  knowledge and getting practice on the sustainable use of natural and energy resources.  Knowledge and practice from the school age period are very supportive in developing ecofriendly skills  which drives new generation  to the behavior change respecting sustainable use of energy resources, and promoting the application of  alternative energy resources.

Winners of the film contest were granted with one-week tourist voucher in the summer Ecocamps held in various parts of protected areas of Georgia. Ecocamps are annually organized by Ecovsion with  specially developed programs.   



Ecovison  presents  three best amateur films on energy saving:

 “Do More Consume Less”  

 Clip produced by Aleko Siradze, Nina Tsiklauri, and Mariam Tsotsolashvili,  students of  “Lazaere” school of the city Rustavi.   



“We all Can be Heroes” 

Clip produced by Nika Vashakidze student of the  N114 public school of the cityTbilisi. 



"Be Energy Saver”

Clip produced by Nanuka Shakinovi, Ana Tsukhishvili, Mariam Tsukhishvili and Elene Kuprashvili, students of the N23 public school  of the city Kutaisi.

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